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Benjamin K Doyle
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Benjamin K Doyle EPIC concept album, even if you've never played the game, you should still give this music a listen, it kicks so much ass. Favorite track: Creatures of the Bloodline.
Victor Max Vellon
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Victor Max Vellon Ever wonder what Castlevania would sound like with some epic over the top vocals? I didn't, until I heard this. One hell of a journey. Favorite track: Creatures of the Bloodline.
Greg Ashcroft
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Greg Ashcroft Bad ass heavy metal. Fans of Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend will totally be in metal bliss with this album. \m/ Favorite track: The War of Dark and Light.
geemarcus thumbnail
geemarcus Top notch metal...and it's CASTLEVANIA, bitches!
C. Warren Smith
C. Warren Smith thumbnail
C. Warren Smith Castlevania has always been a beloved series of mine. It is probably one of the series that gets remixed the most, and while another version of Bloody Tears never gets old (seriously, no sarcasm, I can't get enough of that track), it was very refreshing to find something Castlevania inspired but that wasn't direct versions of the music from the game itself.

I'm a big fan of what Ryan did with this album, and it's remained a mainstay in my Playlists ever since. Favorite track: Such is the Curse.
Danny Cross
Danny Cross thumbnail
Danny Cross I actually found out about Mega Beardo when I was purchasing a guitar made with an NES body. The guy who makes the guitars had videos of musicians who played his previously made NES guitars. The first video I watched was of Mega Beardo playing the Battletoads theme song. After that I immediately found his Bandcamp and downloaded this album. Love. LOVE this album. Favorite track: Creatures of the Bloodline.
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I just want to know what is on the inside waiting to be seen – shadows on the stone, creeping from the moonlight – an image from my dreams – the fog rolls on through past the crescent moon, as the ghosts orchestrate from their tombs – I can feel the souls of the fallen heroes – they live inside of me – he can hide from the sun, shrouded in darkness, but he can’t hide from me – the night is growing cold – my destiny unfolds, as I step into Dracula’s home
I got a Morningstar whip from a candlestick – I’m feeling all right – I’m gonna need something better to make it through the night – hall of a thousand ghosts – cleansed by the silver cross – ascend the stairs, the feral shadows never had a shot – feeling the pressure, feeling the plight of dealing with creatures of the bloodline – slashing my way through living decay – trying to hold onto this soul of mine – running cold, blood’s running cold – pumping the curse of the moonlight – feeling the pressure, feeling the plight – trying to hold onto this soul of mine – they can taste the blood draining from my wounds, luring the creatures from underground lagoons – All my father told me, everything was true – “Son, the world’s in trouble. Everyone is counting on you.” – Generations behind my shoulder – I melt with the shadows, but he still knows I’m here – crimson curtains, victims of time – perforated by moonlight, shining down on a skeleton’s engraving: “Brave ones beware. A giant bat dwells here. I was too weak. I could never find the axe.” Break the rock, double shot – axe in hand, I’m gonna bring this castle down
Crucifix, return to me – so in this, I do believe – carry with you the rotted flesh of living corpses that never rest – guide my way past the red walls – as I wait for the sun to rise – find my way as the scream of Medusa calls – as I wait for the sun – stand before the Black Knight – a reward not worth your time – Holy Water between the spikes – dragon skulls, with fire fight – victims of her gaze have become the statues that adorn the corridor leading to her catacombs – multiplied by fright – petrified reflection – in a mirror, terrified by her own eyes – serpentine path that winds – come to me, hear thy call – from her gaze, I can’t escape – no one knows how far I’ll fall into her trap – “Another Belmont wanders into my periphery. After I release your soul, you can join the other effigies! Decapitated, I still live. I still haunt. Sanctified, your weapon at hand. Simon Belmont, look at me!” – return to stone (holy water) – stay rotting here for eternity – guide my way past the red walls as I wait for the sun to rise – walk away as the Queen of the Serpents falls – Now I wait for the sun to rise
these dark times, angels cry – rain falls from the sky – in the light, streams run through the mountains, blessed by the sun – sands of time purify in my father’s eyes – hold this life – lift the veil of darkness – bless us by the sun – I invoke upon this virtuous liquid he who arose from the dead – our hero will find it with the arc of an axe – suspended above, encased in flame and wax – it’s only a fleeting pause to the quickening rhythm of a unison pulse – I won’t be away forever, but if I die, hope will live on – after all, I return to rain – when I fall, I will feel no pain
trapped within a shadow formed without a sun – never will they walk among the gods – he controls the pieces of their broken souls – undead marionettes that dance to his word – forever wrapped in cloth – by his command he won’t let them rot – fly on after you’re gone – fly on under the sun – with familiar faces and misguided wings, they did not survive the afterlife – Dracula has taken hold of their wandering souls – now it’s up to me to set them free – forever trapped in death – by his command, he won’t let them rest – fly on after you’re gone – fly on under the sun – how can shadows be without light? – how can bodies be without mind? – fly on after you’re gone – fly on under the sun – rest among the shadows – rest under the sun – rest among the shadows – walk among the gods – now the body and soul can become as one – fly on
I float along these murky waters – so familiar, the stench of death – I have fallen for his trap – underground, not where I need to be – finally, an opening – all these hunchbacks won’t be the last – the devil’s lightning touch – the doctor’s tungsten coil – this flesh was given new life – drained from this poisoned soil – deal with man’s dark complexities – losing all luminosity – I’ve heard the stories of the murder – long ago, he killed the doctor – drank the blood of the cheater of death – he took this experiment and made it a servant – long dead serpents guard its entrance – breath of fire, as they writhe – the devil’s lightning touch – the doctor’s tungsten coil – this flesh was given new life – drained from this poisoned soil – let no one set their eyes on this monstrosity – product of a poisoned mind – kept close to the devil’s reach
watch the fleamen (they come in drones) – and skeletons (that throw their bones) – in shadows they backtrack and heave their axe – with my Morningstar, I will eradicate – flesh – bone – armor – stone – mine to bear – not much left – almost there – bring me Death – am I the one (that they depend on) – I can’t go on (I’m not that strong) – this castle’s curse (has cut me deep) – these creatures of the bloodline are bringing me down – bring me death – let me lie – bring me death – let me die – Brotherhood, bring the light – please come down and save me – I have felt my final breath – my heart has pumped its final beat – I can no longer be the one to rid the pain from this poisoned world – so Brotherhood, bring the light – please come down and take me away – through the haze, a burst of life creeps into my stagnant veins – destiny before my eyes, in the form of this blessed rain – I’m the one, the chosen one, to rid the pain from this poisoned world – I no longer fear death – Death fears me – I feel the power – I’ve got a shot – with holy water and triple shot – it’s almost too easy now – Brotherhood, bring me life – Dracula, bring him death
I remember listening as my father prophesized – every century, evil will rise again – is this true? – “Son it’s time to learn of your own destiny. Soon he will return. Dracula will rise again. And when he does, it’s up to you.” – as you’re left to wander beyond the corners of your own mind – never be surprised or frightened by what you might find – as you’re left to carry the weight of this poisoned world – never be surprised – such is the curse – I can hear the agony far beyond the castle walls – cries of pain, cries of death, carried by the wind – should I run? – all those years spent training with the Morningstar – generations behind my shoulder – I’ll never run
This descendant of Belmont has come to banish you all – by the command of your master, you must harvest my soul – guide by my hand, this boomerang – let it behead Lord Dracula – on an all-night ghoul raid, killing everything again and again – bring on all the giant bats that you got – I’ll just run underneath of them – guide by my hand, this boomerang – let it behead Lord Dracula – Rise, Dracula, rise! – “Belmont, welcome to death eternal – age old war of dark and light forever fought in the dead of night – I have waited a hundred years to drink your blood and bring your fears to life – my master plan – blacken the sun – I want to destroy man and poison the land – my castle has taken its toll on your weak and pathetic soul – what is a man? – a miserable little pile of secrets – a dying shell with a soul forever striving for evil” – guide by my hand, this boomerang – with a severed head, the sun will rise again – when it’s said and done – when you thought you’ve won – he takes another form – this night will never end – Die, Dracula, die! – I can feel the souls of the fallen heroes – they live inside of me – he could hide from the sun, shrouded in darkness, but he could not hide from me – night turns to day – the curse goes away – as I overturn Dracula’s throne


"Belmont" is a metal concept album based on the original Castlevania game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All nine tracks on the album follow Simon Belmont as he progresses through each level of Dracula's castle to fulfill his destiny. The lyrics deal with Belmont's personal journey as he struggles with the burden of ridding the world from impending darkness. The recognizable villains and in-game environments play a key role, while certain characters and elements of the game will be expanded upon in ways that enrich the overall story.


released November 7, 2011

Ryan Postlethwait: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Acoustics, Dulcimers, Programming, Percussion, Piano.

Music and Lyrics written by Ryan Postlethwait: June 2009 - March 2011.

Recorded by Ryan Postlethwait: May 2011 - October 2011.

Mixed and mastered by Terry Smith.
Cover Artwork by Brian Pickens.
Medusa's vocals on "Medusa's Scream" by Joe White.
Dracula's vocals on "The War of Dark and Light" by Jeff Jordan.


all rights reserved



Mega Beardo Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Specializing in original compositions and metal arrangements of retro video game music. Also guitarist for LonelyRollingStars, Viking Guitar Live, and Black Hole Zion.

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